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Precious Ohmiya moment ♥ - Jouhoutsuu 2004.08.19

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24 hr TV this year made me realize that it’s been 10 years since Aiba wrote his letter - maybe one of the first baby steps towards becoming the “National Super Idols” that Arashi is today. They had had their lowest single sales to date with “Pikanchi Double” earlier that year (interesting considering Pikanchi Double is a lot more likely to get played at concerts than many of their other songs), but trying to imagine Arashi selling only ~90,000 copies of a single in the first week now is unthinkable. Nino said it back in 2008, but they really have managed to make it to the top like Aiba said they would. And now, they’ll be back to Hawaii in 3 weeks. It’s a funny little world~ :D

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